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                This company, which is completely owned by Dison, mainly engaged in education and is professionally for international exchanges, cooperation, animation education and experience. Its main business includes: organizing international and domestic animation technology exchange and animation festivals, animation technology research and animation training, animation education and solution design as well as animation experience. The company currently undertakes projects organization for many well-known international and domestic animation festivals such as the Zagreb, Annecy, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Qingdao., etc. It built China's first popular science and animation experience center.

                AWG is short for the Animation Workshop Group. It is an initiative for children's animation education to stimulate the interest of children into the animation, to actually make the children to participate in the creation of animation, to produce animation that truly belongs to the children. AWG enables children to imagine wildly and be creative to show his innocent inner world. Children are no longer limited to the animation content made by grown-ups and AWG is a place for children to return to themselves. It develops children's comprehensive qualities such as thinking, practice and the sense of responsibility for teamwork.

                Round Pig an...


                Adventure of...


                Mr. Egg


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