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                About Dison

                Beijing Dison Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. aims at providing animation production, technology research and development as well as education services for domestic and oversea markets. It stresses on introducing cutting edge technology from other countries as well as on independent research and development. After a long-term effort, it's now a comprehensive company integrated the animation production, the development for VR, VFX, and motion capture, the system integration, education training, international communication and cooperation and so on, making it famous for technology advantages in the digital content market.


                  Provided to domestic and foreign digital entertainment markets:

                  Animation Content Production Services

                                   technology R & D

                                  Educational services

                                 Professional enterprise.


                •  Flat 901, Maohua Building, South Shidai Garden Rd., Shijingshan District, Beijing 100043 China.

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